Real Love Comes In Pairs Of Two

An Ode to Sneakers

The flapping laces like a sail, the solid soles like a sturdy aft, and the toe rubber like a protective bow.

They know when to give me alone time.

When my eyes burn from computer fatigue and my nostrils fill with the smell of freshly cut grass, I know its time to pull them out again.

I have become a morning person, and they are too.

The type of love that doesn’t need to be tied with a big diamond, but simply by the interlace of one sole to another soul.

My love isn’t the clingy type. It doesn’t matter if we win or lose. I don’t run away from it. I want every opportunity to run together, to make many miles a memory and stomp through time with grace and defiance.

Love is tightly tied sneakers on a dirty path.



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Content Writer in Tech. Mover by day, Writer by night. Finding inspiration using my bubbly anxiety as a compass.✨